Happy New Year, 2010 !!!

Happy New Year!!! Happy New Decade!!! (although, not technically. But for me, it counts!) I wish you all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010!!!

Today is also the second anniversary of Irishman For Hire!! And with all of your support, Irishman For Hire has become a bigger success than I ever could have imagined. To those who have been following Irishman For Hire from day one and to all of my new friends, thank you so much. It has been an absolute joy to share these articles with you and more importantly, your kind feedback and emails of support have touched me in such a positive way. I am humbled and blessed. Thank You!!

Irishman For Hire had a great year in 2009! I had four readers on January 1, 2008. And not too many more over the first couple of weeks. Luckily for me, I went into a bank one day and was shown the truth about banks and fees and I wrote my article FEE MADNESS and Irishman For Hire exploded. Thousands of readers have visited Irishman For Hire ever since that article was posted and I am honored that you have spent another the year with me as I have shared my personal perceptions of the world with you. Thank you!!!

Now comes the best part of my New Year’s Day/Anniversary Article. I get to share with you the top five articles of the past year and the top three articles read articles since Irishman For Hire went live. If you have read and enjoyed the following articles, they are listed for you to enjoy again! If you have not read them yet, I hope they touch you as they have touched so many others.

TOP 5 OF 2009:

5) When a Man Loves a Woman

4) The Underground; Twelve Years Later! (This one exploded over the last week, especially with the release of Christmas Eve, Twelve Years Later! last week)

3) My American Idol Experience (Video and pictures included)

2) Always & Everywhere (read the article, then buy the album; both are that good!)

1) P.S. I Love You


3) P.S. I Love You

2) My First Love (One of My Personal Favorites)

1) Fee Madness!

Once again, Thank you all for your support!! I have loved writing and sharing all of these articles with you. I hope you have enjoyed these articles and all of the articles posted at IRISHMAN FOR HIRE as well. God willing, I hope to share many, many more stories with you in 2010!!!

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year !!

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  1. Mike Robertson says:

    Doug and Stephanie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and passions with us. It is a joy to read your articles, except perhaps your New York Yankee thoughts. However, truth be known, being a life long fan of a childhood team is something we share, just not the same team. Wishing you and your lovely family all the very best in 2010! Love, Mike

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