Happy 3rd Birthday, Irishman For Hire!

Happy New Year!!! May peace, prosperity, health, love and grace find every one of you in 2011! May all of your wishes and dreams come true in the year ahead!

HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY Irishman For Hire!! And this year, just like each of the previous years, Irishman For Hire has become a bigger success than I ever could have imagined. To those who have been following Irishman For Hire since day one and to all of my new friends, thank you so much! You have all touched my life in such a profound manner! It has been an absolute joy to share these articles with you. I am humbled and blessed by your continued support. Thank You!!

Irishman For Hire started with an email that I sent to ten people. I had four readers on January 1, 2008. Over the days and months that followed, the email list (as well as the number of readers) grew exponentially. 2010 was another great year! Thousands of readers have visited Irishman For Hire and I am honored that you have spent another year with me as I have shared my personal perceptions of the world with you. Thank you!!!

This year, I am changing the format of my New Year’s Day/Irishman For Hire Birthday Article. I will share the reader’s choices for the best Irishman For Hire articles of the year! I have been overwhelmed by your responses and your feedback.

If you have read and enjoyed the following articles, they are listed for you to enjoy again! If you have not read them yet, I hope they touch you as much as they have touched so many others. With that said, I give you the Reader’s Choices for the best articles of 2010 at Irishman For Hire:


This is one of my favorite posts because it speaks to what makes America great. I grew up in a small town in Georgia, and it was fun to read Doug’s take on the simple pleasures of life in the Heartland and remember my early years being a big part of a small town.

The Pizza Run

Love, love, love the pizza run.

525,600 Minutes

What a beautiful piece. One of your BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this post, because I had been talking to my husband about this so many times before you wrote it. I would say, “I’m so glad that Jessi and Stephanie came to introduce themselves and organize a neighborhood barbecue. I can’t wait to meet our other neighbors! Why didn’t we do this before??” People should say hello more often.

The Heartthrob

Great piece! Josh is so lucky his dad is such a good writer!

Reader’s List:

Echoes of Lost
The First Day
Dandelions In The Wind “(excellent title!)”

Let me express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to read more of your work . Although the list is not necessarily in order from my favorite on down (it is too hard to choose!) I must confess that each of the four articles I selected evoked different emotions in me…nostalgia, sorrow, joy and hope. I really related to your thought process and feelings attached to it.

The Clapping Conundrum

This is another post that I almost could have written myself. I grew up in a very traditional Presbyterian church. Now, we go to a modern church with a rockin’ worship service. The clapping and hand lifting always made me uncomfortable. Do I clap or not? If I do clap, will it look fake? If I don’t clap, will the clappers look down on me like I “don’t have the Spirit”? If other people care if I clap or not, aren’t they just being weirdos anyway? It took me such a long time to be comfortable clapping and singing loudly at church, but now it’s one of my favorite things.

I am speechless. I am touched, thankful and inspired by all of you! Thank you for such kind words. And thank you for sharing in my little corner of Americana. It has been a great three years! Here’s to many, many more…

Happy 3rd Birthday, Irishman For Hire!

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  1. Doug Veeder says:

    This is a great list but I would like to officially add three of my favorites that didn’t make the list:

    Tree Frogs and Fireflies (July 2010)
    What If? (August 2010)
    An Insignificant Holiday? (November 2010)

    I list the months in case you would like to read them by clicking on the monthly links in the side bar!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Paula says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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