This past Sunday, Stephanie snuck the kids out of the house early so I could sleep late. Unfortunately, the cat got locked in our room and a blissful late morning sleep was interrupted by the antics of a cat that has come to be known as the Smoke Monster! But the thought was awesome! Who wouldn’t want a morning to sleep late?

When Stephanie came home with the kids, she brought me a large Iced Coffee and donuts! Then the kids ran into the living room and handed me a slew of presents. Coffee Mug? Check. Mike and Ike’s? Check. Golf related item? Check. Books from the bookstore? Check.

But then I opened the most amazing gifts my kids have ever given me. Home made, hand written books that my children wrote and illustrated for me. “D-A-D” by Josh and “I Love My dad” by Chloe.

Josh’s book came in a blue cover. A hand drawn picture of me adorns the front cover under the title and his artwork is displayed throughout the pages in between. Here is “D-A-D” (spaces indicate a new page) by Josh:

“D” is for a dang good sports player who taught me how to play sports. Who is it? If you said my Dad, you are correct. My dad is a really good sports player.

Alright you know my Dad is good at sports. Also, he is an awesome storyteller and that’s what “A” is for. My Dad can make up awesome stories.

My Dad does a lot of cool things. But “D” is for his name Doug Veeder. He is my Dad and I love him! … Good at sports to a good storyteller + Great Dad = Doug Veeder.

Everyone describes their Dad differently. This is how I describe mine in the new book “D-A-D” by Joshua Veeder.

Chloe’s book came in a blue cover. Green stars and smiley faces adorn the cover page around the title. Chloe also drew a picture on each and every page to depict what she had written. Here is “I Love My dad” by Chloe:

My dad feeds me.

My dad plays with me.

My dad stands up for me.

My dad helps me with homework.

My dad takes me to swim lessons.

My dad reads books to me and likes it when I read to him.

My dad colors with me.

My dad snuggles with me.

I love my dad.

I love my daddy in many different ways. He is the best dad ever. I love him to the moon and back daddy. For ever I will love you daddy. Love, Chloe.

My heart pounds hard against my chest when I read their books because each book covers the basics, the little things we do on a daily basis. It doesn’t mention the trips to Disney World, or our St. Patrick’s Day tradition, or the birthday get out-of-school celebrations or any of the other big-ticket items that we have enjoyed together over the years. They will remember those trips and fun times, but being a dad is so much more than large celebrations. It is about standing up and being counted when it matters most, each and every day.

When my kids think about their dad, the important items are the simple things we do together. We play sports. I rock the Pretty Pretty Princess game (as well as other board games)! We draw, we play, we work to help each other, we read, we make up awesome stories, we laugh, we sing, we snuggle and we have fun together. And in those moments, my kids teach me more about life than I probably teach them. But judging by their books, I know they have been listening and paying close attention.

It doesn’t take a lot of creativity or resources to be a Dad. Just love your kids with all of your heart because in the end, it’s the small things that you do every day that they will remember most.

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  1. Lee Z says:

    Sounds like your a terrific Dad Doug! They are lucky!

  2. Joy Hodge says:

    Loved it..

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