Back in June, I had one of the best dreams ever. I dreamt that I owned a helicopter. I was no longer a victim of traffic because I could fly above it. I didn’t have to look for the shortest route between two destinations because I could fly in whatever direction I wanted to go. I was completely free to explore as I saw fit.

I soared with the birds. I flirted with the soft, white, fluffy clouds that lined the horizon. I fought with high winds and thunderstorms as the rain pelted against the windshield of my chopper. I felt the rush of adrenaline each and every time I took to the skies to explore the magical world around me. It gave me a great new perspective on the world below. But most of all, when I wanted to get away from the frustrating limitations of being on the ground, I had a serene place to escape and commune with nature.

I was on my greatest flight ever as I dodged in and out of the rocky ravines of the mighty Grand Canyon when, like all good dreams, the alarm clock rang out and dragged me back to reality. Ejected from the cockpit of my mighty bird, I awoke nestled in the warm confines of my own bed. I fluttered my eyes as the realism of the dream washed over me and for one brief shining moment, I thought maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t a dream. Maybe I really did own a helicopter. Then came the moment of discontent when I opened my eyes and knew that I didn’t own my mighty flying machine. Oh, why couldn’t I have had fifteen more minutes of sleep?!

As I lay in bed, I stared at the ceiling fan as it spun around and around over the bed like a propeller. I was caught up in the imagery as I smiled at the remembrance of my dream. And then, I turned my head toward Stephanie and said, “I want a helicopter!”

You can only imagine her confusion when I greeted her at seven in the morning with the declaration that I wanted to own a helicopter. Her bewilderment subsided as I told her about my dream and we have joked, dare I say, pondered the idea of owning a helicopter ever since.

We have many questions about owning a helicopter like, how much would one cost? Do you think we could get a retired Black Hawk for a good deal? Or should we go the classic route and purchase a helicopter like the ones used in MASH? Do you think we would have enough room to land our chopper in the backyard? Or do you think we would have to rent a Helipad at the local airport? And most importantly, do you think Geico would save us fifteen percent or more on Helicopter Insurance?

These are important questions! And as much as we have relished in the thought of owning a helicopter, it is still just a pipe dream that has offered hours and hours of enjoyable speculation!

There are moments in the day, though, when it is quiet in our house because we are all engaged in our own activities or there are times when the conversation has run dry and someone will inevitable shout out, “I want a Helicopter!” while the other two family members grown at the prospect of what is about to happen next. It doesn’t take much to start a full fifteen to thirty minute dialogue about the benefits of owning a helicopter. The possibilities and uses for a helicopter are endless. And all it takes are those four little words and the conversation starts all over again! I love it!

Last Wednesday was a tough afternoon. It was the last week of track out for the kids, so my work schedule was reduced to Wednesday afternoon since the kids needed to take it easy before going to The American Idols Concert. So I made some phone calls to follow up on a few bids I had placed with some of the local establishments. The news was not great. Either I lost the bid or the establishment was taking some time to wait out the economy before acting on any of the bids they had received. To make a long story short, promising leads ended up becoming more dead ends.

Starting a business is hard. I understand that. Starting a business in this economy is taking the original equation and multiplying it to the nth degree. The work comes slowly and at times, there are frustrating periods as you just wait for the flood gates of steady work to break your way. Five years from now, I hope I will be busier than I can ever imagine and I will fondly look back on this first year as the foundation but for now, as much as I love my job, there are days like last Wednesday when everything breaks the wrong way.

As I hung up the phone with the final potential client, I went into the kitchen for an ice cold Coke. As I sat at the kitchen table sipping on my ice cold drink and mapping out a game plan for the next phase of my business, Josh and Chloe came downstairs with devilish grins on their faces.

“Daaaaaad, we have something for you,” they both said in unison.

“What is?” I said nervously.

“A surprise,” Chloe said excitedly as Josh moved his hands from behind his back (where he was hiding something) and held them out to me.

“We made you a helicopter,” Josh said as he set it down on the table in front of me.

It was amazing. They had made a Lego Helicopter with moving propellers. I was impressed and it was just what the doctor ordered. And for the better part of the rest of the afternoon, we let our imaginations run wild as we flew my new helicopter all over this great nation of ours. Our first mini vacation in months!

When we came home from the concert that night and after Stephanie and the kids had gone to bed, I sat down on the couch to watch something on television but I never turned on the TV. As I reached for the clicker, I picked up my helicopter instead and played with it. I imagined the amazing places we could go and the adventures we could have with a real helicopter. It would be amazing. But while I sat there playing with my Lego Helicopter, a smile came across my face because while I was having a bad day, my kids made me the coolest helicopter I have ever owned. How awesome is that?

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    Thanks for sharing, Doug. This is such a nice, heartwarming story.

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