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So, it’s Wednesday and you’re wondering, “Did Doug write an article this week? I didn’t get my email blast.”

The answer is simple, I have some articles in the works but nothing that is ready to press yet. So I have decided to try something new; answer some of your questions! It has been suggested that I have been absent from the comment section from time-to-time when readers start a dialogue. Not always but at times. I do want to declare that this is somewhat by design. As the author of the articles, I do like to see the interpretation of a written piece by the audience. I almost feel like my commenting on the discussion would be unfair to a point, but my 2012 New Year’s resolution is to get better at joining those conversations. No promises but it is one of my resolutions.

One way to do that is by answering your questions when I have a slow week at IFH. So without any further rambling on my part, let me answer some of your questions:

1) When are you going to write more about your adoption search and journey?

This is one of the most asked questions lately. I intended the adoption search articles as a “search only” venue. As you all read in the final article, the search concluded the second I answered the phone in May of 1999. At that point, the search took on a completely different aspect and one that I have not decided to write about at the current time.

One caveat is that many of you asked if I ever searched for and/or found my birth father. That may become another part of the adoption search series but it has a tricky wicket involved and that would include, at least, part of the first meeting with my birth mother. So stay tuned for more information on that front…

2) You took a long break in writing this year. You didn’t write anything in September or October. Why?

So you are not a member of my email list, are you? I did answer this question in October when I sent out an email blast. There is a simple two part answer.

a) My version of WordPress was so old that when my host company changed their PHP format, Irishman For Hire was virtually shut down. I am not a technical wiz. I understand the basics of technology but rely heavily on friends in the technological field. Turns out, I couldn’t even log in or access my own site. After a lot of work by Kenny at Five Ring’s Media in conjunction with my host company, I was finally back online in late September/early October…

b) … and then I took an extended vacation from writing. I didn’t expect it to be a full month but between the hectic schedules of my wife, life, the kids, etc. it took a full month.

Now, send a request to my email ( irishman at dougveeder dot com ) to get on my email list and you will be privy to this wonderful information in a timely manner! As well as instant notifications when a new article is written.

3) I didn’t like your third person article, are you planning on more of those types of essays?

Planning? No. Will I ever write in the third person again? I won’t rule it out. I liked the story. It intrigued me enough that I wrote it. Some people liked it and others did not, but isn’t that the case for every article I have written on Irishman For Hire? I highly doubt there is one person who can claim that they absolutely love every article I have written (and if there is, please make a note in the comment section; you will totally make my day). Robert Fulghum, Robert Frost, Earnest Hemingway and Edgar Allan Poe are four of my favorite writers. I can honestly say that they have written pieces I wished they had not.

Part of writing is expanding and growing in my craft. Some styles I will be successful with and others I will fail at miserably. And from each experience I will learn.

4) You have shown more of a darker side lately, do you expect to write more darker articles in the future?

I write what my heart tells my mind to write. In the end, I have to like an article before it ends up on IFH. The irony is that some of the pieces that I have liked the least, have been the ones that have been loved the most by all of you. And some of those articles that I have loved the most, have been panned by a good number of you. Most of the time, though, we are in sync with one another.

The dark side involves delving more into me and my past. Most of those articles are not easy to write and they take a lot out of me emotionally while I am in the process of crafting the essay. My comical pieces are the most fun to write and probably the easiest because the bulk of the context is done for me. My family are funny people and when I sit back and think about those times, I attach my own meaning or view to the story and it is done. The hard part is actually keeping a hysterical commentary throughout.

To make a long story short, Yes! I expect more comedy, history, third person, dark side and life related stories at IFH in the future. And I expect that you will provide feedback in the comment section.


5) Are you going to send out a “Christmas Email” with your best Christmas articles?

Maybe. This is a good idea but I hate filling up people’s inbox unnecessarily. But, since it has been suggested, I might do it.

Anyway, the archives section to the right contains every article by month. Click on December of any year and the Christmas articles will be listed. But just in case I do send out an email blast and you are not on my email list, now would be a great time to sign up!


6) What is your favorite part of Irishman For Hire?


That is the simple answer. My favorite part of Irishman For Hire is when people comment on an article. I know a lot of you send me emails and make a comment in private but to be honest, I like seeing the discussion unfold. I like seeing people share their views; positive and negative. My goal is to grow IFH into a more interactive site where the conversation that takes place in the comment section is just as important as the article itself. We all have so much to learn from each other. I know I have learned so much from you over the past few years, so please feel free to share your thoughts as well. I know the readers at IFH appreciate it when you do.


Well that covers my first mailbox section. Thanks for all of your support throughout the years!

Have a great day,



PS — Now…. I get to ask you all a question… please feel free to comment below and as 2012 approaches, I promise to get better about engaging in the discussion in the comment section when it is appropriate.


What do you like most about Irishman For Hire? And, do you have a favorite article (if so, what is it?)?



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