“Change that Holiday!”

I am a life long New York Giants fan! As my schedule proved, I had very little time for writing this past weekend as I soaked in the aura of the Super Bowl and prepared for our annual party in honor of the big game.

As I woke up yesterday, I had time to reflect upon the Super Bowl that had been played on Sunday. I still don’t think my feet have touched the ground yet. The New York Giants achieved the impossible and did it in incredible fashion. But as I sat on my couch, recuperating from our own football game that we played earlier in the day, I had an inspirational thought; “Why am I taking a paid vacation day when today should be a Holiday?”

In the past couple of years, the buzz word that has dominated the headlines of our newspapers and television newscasts has been the word “change.” “Change direction”, Change the course”, “Change the leadership”, “Change the economic outlook”, “Change the tone/tenor”, “Change the course of history”, and so on and so on. “Change” is the buzz word for 2008 and in honor of this buzz word, I have a new motto for this election year; “Change that Holiday!”

I am now proposing that we all band together and ask our elected officials for a National Holiday the day after the Super Bowl. There is no other event in the world (to my knowledge) or at least in the United States that gets the type of coverage the Super Bowl generates. The Super Bowl and Super Bowl parties bring together the serious fans, the occasional fan and people who could care less about football or the NFL to watch this great display of gridiron giants in a colossal event played out over sixty minutes.

People who do not understand football and even people who have no idea which teams are playing in the Super Bowl attend these parties. They love the hype associated with a Super Bowl; it is a truly great day! It is the single biggest party day of the year, except for New Year’s Eve, and that might even be a close finish, but unless you take the following Monday as a vacation or sick day, people have to go to work the day after the Super Bowl. I went to dinner with a friend of mine last night and I drove through the Central Artery in Boston in five minutes during what was supposed to be rush hour.
So I wondered; if a study was conducted, what would be the drop in production rates of the American workforce the day after the Super Bowl?

I bet the decrease would be an extremely high number. But beyond the decrease in productivity, think of the economic benefits. The first benefit is obvious; those bleary eyed people in the office with low productivity would be at home resting for the short work week starting on Tuesday. Secondly, I have friends in other states who do not attend our annual Super Bowl party because they want to save their vacation time at work for the summer. A holiday on the Monday after the Super Bowl might actually put more money back into our travel industry. The hotel, airline, rental car, gasoline industries are the first sectors that come to mind. The cash flow generated in these industries would put much needed money back into our economy. And secondarily, when people travel, they spend money on food. Restaurants would see an increase in generated revenue throughout the entire weekend, not just on Sunday afternoon during the big game. I do not want to bore people with the fiduciary details but I hope you are starting to see my point.

So back to my original slogan for 2008, “Change that Holiday!” It is time for a holiday the day after the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl is an awesome event that is shared by everyone. It’s a celebration in the dead of winter that is enjoyed by millions, maybe even billions of people from all over the world. Howie Long said in his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, “baseball may be America’s past time but football is America’s passion!” And he is right, and I provide the 97 million television sets on Sunday that were tuned to the Super Bowl as proof of that statement.

So I believe that we should ask the US Congress to recognize the impact and contribution the NFL has on our society with a National Holiday following the Super Bowl so people can enjoy the Super Bowl knowing that for most of them, they don’t have to go to work the next day. As absurd as that request may sound, please allow me to elaborate on my thought for a moment.

Congress doesn’t need to create a new holiday for Americans to celebrate; they could just move President’s Day to the first Monday in February instead of the third Monday of the month. Now, I know some people may say, “Wait a minute, would you want your birthday moved?!” but the truth of the matter is that President’s Day is just a random day of the month. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, George Washington was born on February 22nd, Ronald Reagan was born on February 6th, and well, the other President’s were born in other months. So why not move President’s day to coincide with the Super Bowl?! Because in the grand scheme of things it would be a huge boost to public morale and it may also provide some of the economic benefits to the Gross National Product.

I could even see Peyton Manning leading the charge of our calls for this all important holiday. Instead of his “Cut that meat! Cut that meat! Cut that meat!” commercial, we could do an ad spot of Peyton Manning addressing Congress and leading our elected officials in a chant of “Change that Holiday! Change that Holiday! Change that Holiday!”

Okay, as wild as this idea sounds in theory, who’s with me?

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  1. Andy says:

    I’m with you! But why not add 2 weeks to the NFL schedule… eliminate 2 of those useless preseason weeks. And we all want to watch more football that actually matters. Lastly, an NFL team has the oppurtunity to go 18-0 in the regular season, thereby completely erasing these New England Patriots from the record books. Thats what I call a win, win, win situation!

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