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The Internet Still Amazes Me (Six Years Later)!

I wrote a post back in December of 2010 about how a friend of mine and I were able to compose a song while on two different continents. The article, The Internet Still Amazes Me, was a simple telling of … Continue reading

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“Two Roads Diverged In A Wood”

Great stories rise from the ashes of ordinary adventures. They take on a life of their own based upon unexpected twists or turns that occur in the middle of a journey. But without these explorations, life would become boring. Stephanie … Continue reading

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Back in April, I opened my mailbox to find a large padded envelope. I went inside my house, opened the package and found an advanced copy of PJ Pacifico’s album Outlet. I popped the Compact Disc into my car stereo … Continue reading

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Adventures in Lawn Mowing!

I love to sing. It’s part of who I am. I sing everywhere. I sing in the shower, I sing while doing the dishes, I sing in the car and I sing in the grocery store. I even sing while … Continue reading

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One Last Time

Bands are ticking time bombs. The reason is simple; the ingredients! Start with four or five people who all have an opinion on what they would like to accomplish musically. Then add in their egos, a dash of bravado, a … Continue reading

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The Internet Still Amazes Me!

Last March, Stephanie and I decided to take the day off to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Our children were allowed to stay home from school and as a family; we headed into Boston to celebrate. While we were having lunch … Continue reading

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Falling Up

“I wanna run through the rain/dance on a cloud/Steal a kiss and then laugh out loud/Feel those butterflies in my soul/Catch butterflies one by one/Sprinkler underneath the sun/All those things from the days gone by/ I wanna wake up and … Continue reading

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Just a Little Country?

I was filled with anticipation as I ran my fingernail across the edge and ripped the cellophane. The smell of vinyl wafted through the air and intoxicated me as I held the needle over the spinning edge of the disc. … Continue reading

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It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Stephanie and I slow danced and sang along with the band on Saturday night and as we did, I just let myself become immersed in the imagery of the lyric. In a throng of supporters underneath a sea of stars … Continue reading

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Always & Everywhere

A couple of months ago, I caught up with a friend of mine from my old college radio days. We talked about a lot of things but mostly, we reminisced about our days on air at the old college station. … Continue reading

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