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What Would You Miss?

Josh’s goldfish died a week ago. It wasn’t unexpected as “Goldie” had not been looking good lately. Josh was understandably upset and although he wanted to have a funeral for “Goldie,” he wasn’t ready to say goodbye because he was … Continue reading

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My American Idol Experience

As we got off the bus at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I could feel the fatigue settling into my body. This was going to be a long day, I could feel it. We had been running around Disney World since Monday … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine. We were swapping stories of our youth; the fun and the outlandish things we did when we were in our late teens and our early twenties. … Continue reading

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I was enjoying my drive into work this morning. The weather had finally changed and it was the first nice morning we have had after a slew of rainy days, and the warmth of the sun was invigorating. I had … Continue reading

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Singing to the Birds

The other night, Chloe, Josh and I sat out on our front porch and sang to the birds. We belted out as many tunes as we could think of and when we couldn’t think of any more songs to sing, … Continue reading

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