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A few weeks ago, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine. We were swapping stories of our youth; the fun and the outlandish things we did when we were in our late teens and our early twenties. … Continue reading

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The Apple and The Tree

I pulled into the parking lot, put the car in park and turned off the engine. I turned around in my seat to face the kids, “I have to get these bank charges taken care of today, so I need … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Season

It was a brisk and snowy winter’s eve. The family was sitting in the living room watching television when from the far reaches of the Universe they heard a sound that they couldn’t quite decipher. It kept getting louder and … Continue reading

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Tradition or Adaptation?

Football is a way of life in our household! Well, for me it is. My wife and kids humor me but they all know that we are supposed to eat, drink and breathe the New York Giants around our home. … Continue reading

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