Doug Veeder is the “Irishman For Hire.”

Conceived by Irish parents a long time ago and adopted by a Dutch and Scottish family a little while after that, Doug has been around people who have a knack for a good story, a great song and a hearty drink for his entire life. During the years, Doug has been a writer, an actor, lead singer of a rock n roll band, a comedian, a DJ, a politician, an activist, a fantasy football commissioner, a manager of varying levels in the non-profit realm, a poet, a lyricist and a really, really bad electric guitarist. But most of all, Doug has been known for his “Storytelling & singing, dancing & carrying on!” He is “Available all hours” of the day or night and although his advanced age has slowed him down a little, he is still an “Experienced drinking companion.”

As a husband, parent and as a student in the continuing education department at the University of Life, “Irishman For Hire” is Doug’s collection of personal stories that are insightful, poignant, clever, and at times, hysterically funny. “Irishman For Hire” is Doug’s offbeat and peculiar exploration of the challenges facing everyone in a modern world that is more demanding than ever before.

So sit back, pour a glass of Jameson or pour a pint of Guinness and enjoy the stories on the pages within… and as always, come back often to see what creative and entertaining stories Doug has added since you last visited!